Conservatories from Aliplast and TS System


Additional, effective protection against atmospheric conditions

The conservatories and aluminium pergolas of OKNO–POL Kraków are characterised by high aesthetics, elegance and remarkable durability. At the same time they areeasy to assemble and have extensive range of applications.


An effective enlargement of the living space, an additional natural light and a unique atmosphere. The use of innovative technical solutions combines these features with high thermal insulation and resistance to weather conditions. Therefore, the conservatory is an integral part of a building regardless of the season and weather conditions.


They do not only represent aesthetic qualities, visual lightness of a building and harmonious reference to decorative elements, but also functionality : low-maintenance, permanent shade, source of an additional lighting and cover protection materials.

Pergolas are ideal as the roofing of terraces and balconies. As freestanding elements they allow to arrange any space in a creative and original way. Pergolas are successfully used in the residential buildings as well as in the commercial buildings – shops, hotels, restaurants, flower shops.  

Okno-Pol Kraków offers conservatories and pergolas based on the highest quality aluminum constructions – TS System. We kindly invite you to learn more about our products and encourage you to contact us,as we can provide all the necessary assistance and professional advice.