uPVC windows

We offer windows based on the systems of the company Kömmerling – market leader in uPVC profiles.

Kömmerling InVitra

KÖMMERLING InVitra windows are available in two thermal versions: 

  • KÖMMERLING InVitra ® E with reinforced steel and two-chambered pane, coefficient Uw to 0,75 [W/m²K] (reference window 1230x1480mm)
  • KÖMMERLING InVitra ® P  with insulating foam of internal chambers and also panes installed using ‘dry glazing’ method with a coefficient of Uw to 0,69 [W/m²K] (reference window 1230x1480mm)

KÖMMERLING InVitra allows for the construction of energy-efficient entrance and terrace doors of large dimensions.

Construction of InVitra windows is based on profiles of 6 chambers with a depth of 70 mm.

InVitra System with a depth of 70 mm has the same thermal parameters of passive and energy efficient profiles with depths of 80-90 mm.

  • Two-chambered glazed unit 40 mm 4/14/4/14/4
  • U= 0,6 W/m2k
  • Pane width from 24 to 52 mm

Modern three-seal system MD was designed to achieve maximum tightness. The width of the chamber glazing allows for the use of the warmest pane with a width of 52mm.

  • Aluminium, painted
  • Colors:
    window white and white/colour - white
    window and colour/colour – brown, metallic