uPVC Sliding doors

UPVC sliding doors , lift & slide doors as well as tilt & slide doors are an attractive and practical replacement for traditional balcony doors. We design them for those who are looking for such important features as: optimal insolation of the room, freedom in the design of interiors, a sense of space and individual style .

Our products are based exclusively on Kömmerling systems – the world market leader in uPVC profiles. As a result, our products are distinguished by the excellent qualities such as: high durability, increased reliability, exceptional user comfort and impeccable style.

Our uPvc sliding doors are characterised by increased tightness, high energy efficiency, great acoustic insulation and excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions.

Okno-Pol Kraków offers :

Lift & slide doors Premi Door 88 and Premi Door 70

  • based on uPvc profiles with increased strength parameter values that enable manufacturing particularly large door, which harmoniously fits with any type of the interior. Premi Door 88 system allows for obtaining the passive version.

Tilt & slide HKS doors

  • it does not take up much space while opening, it gives an optical impression of larger clearance. It is resistant to draughts and sudden gusts of wind .Possibility of using double or triple glazed units

Sliding door Premi Line

  • With reinforcing aluminium strip, it simultaneously enhances the static stability and the level of safety. Doors are equipped with stainless steel rail, which guarantees smooth and silent operation of the moving components.