Aluminium windows

Our aluminium windows are constructed based on the systems of Aliplast and Aluprof

Aliplast Ecofutural

Aliplast Ecofutural is a modern , 3-chamber window and door system which is intended for the production of thermally insulated environmentally friendly windows and doors. Due to its contemporary design and superior technical performance, Ecofutural has gained the recognition and is very much appreciated by architects.

Apart from the standard windows and doors, the ECOFUTURAL is the basis for monoblock type of windows as well as for the doors with movable axis of rotation.

ECOFUTURAL profiles are available with the enhanced thermal insulation:

  • ECOFUTURAL (i) – with additional insulation at the connection between the glazing unit and the profile.
  • ECOFUTURAL (i+) – the same as above with increased insulation in the space between the thermal breaks.
  •  3-chamber profile
  • Structural depth of 65 mm (frame) and 74 mm (sash)
  • Thermal break 23 mm

Choice of fittings:


  • Glazing in frame from 4 to 51 mm
  • Glazing in sash from 13 to 59 mm