Folding doors

Aluminium folding doors are a functional solution which allows for the opening of large areas regardless of the space limitations. Their use is an effective seamless transition between the indoors and the outside areas free of any barriers, additionally it guarantees an easy and direct access.
Folding doors are not only an ideal way to link the interior with a terrace, a loggia, a swimming pool, but also a convenient solution within the conservatory and many other places inside the building. This system is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.

Folding doors are a stunning combination of modern day aesthetics with simultaneous maintenance of high parameters. There is a a possibility of smooth opening of the whole doorway without taking up any space.

  • A tremendous way to combine indoor and outdoor living space.
  • A wide selection of glass units with various types and thickness. 
  • Possibility to use construction with custom sizes.
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Folding doors offered by OKNO-POL Kraków are available in the version with increased burglary protection. The shape of the aluminum profiles adds a modern and lightweight appearance of the folding doors. At the same time the innovative technical solutions guarantee smooth and effortless operation, while ensuring an appropriate thermal and acoustic insulation.
We offer aluminum folding doors that fold up and slide symmetrically to one or two sides, with a possibility of mounting from 2 up to 8 and even more active sashes. The panels can fold inwards or outwards.